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Pre-Course Counselling Checklist – Part 1

Parents are to ensure that they read and understand all information below as part of the College’s pre-course counselling process.

1. Academic, Campus and Enrolment Matters
  • Course Titles, Modules, Year Placement and Assessment Guidelines
  • Course Entry Requirements
  • Admissions Policy and Documents
  • School Year Calendar
  • University Counselling
  • College Facilities
  • College Location
  • Student Pass Application and Procedures (The College will inform ICA immediately if students with Student Pass fail to attend classes for a continuous period of seven days or more without any valid reason; or have a percentage of attendance of less than 90% in any month of the course without any valid reason)
  • Withdrawal and Transfer Policy
  • Refund Policy

  • 2. Fee Schedule and Payment Modes

  • Application, Capital Levy and Annual Tuition Fees
  • Course Fees Payment Schedule (Payment of Tuition Fees can only be made after Student Contract has been signed)
  • Miscellaneous Fees Payable (Refer to Schedule C of Sample Contract)
  • Methods of Payment

  • 3. Fee Protection Scheme and Student Contract

  • Fee Protection Scheme and what it is for
  • Terms and Condition of Student Contract

  • 4. Other Important Information

  • Relevant Singapore Laws
  • Estimated Costs of Living in Singapore
  • Healthcare in Singapore
  • Reference to the Committee for Private Education (CPE)’s Website
  • Submitting this application form signifies agreement with the following key terms and conditions:

    1. The parents/guardians and their child will abide by Dulwich College (Singapore) policies and procedures.

    2. The parents/ guardians understand and agree that their child may undergo academic or diagnostic testing.

    3. Parents/guardians give Dulwich College (Singapore) permission to contact their child’s previous schools in order to obtain information relevant to the student’s application.

    4. Dulwich College (Singapore) has the right to keep all the information that parents/guardians submit with the application.

    5. Parents/guardians agree to pay all the relevant fees and tuition charges.

    6. The parents/guardians agree to inform the school if any information provided in this application form changes.

    7. I/we certify that the information provided in this application is accurate and complete. I/We understand that failure to do so is grounds from nullification of our child’s enrollment at Dulwich College (Singapore).

    8. I/We have read, understood and agree to abide by the College’s Admissions Policy.

    9. I/we agree that at least one parent will be residing in Singapore during the student’s time at Dulwich College (Singapore).

    10. I/We have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions governing enrollment and admission Dulwich College (Singapore). If this form has been signed/submitted by only one parent then that parent represents and warrants that she or he has the full irrevocable authority from the parent who has not signed to make decisions, communicate, give instructions and take actions in respect of the child and the College shall not be obliged to obtain the consent of both parents.

    Dulwich College (Singapore) is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people in all our schools and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

    Date: Jan 19, 2020

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