Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria to join Dulwich College (Singapore)

We accept applications throughout the year. Students wishing to enrol into the College must hold a foreign passport. Singaporean citizens should review our admissions policy in order to establish whether their child will be eligible for admission to the College.

A child is deemed to be a Singapore Citizen if they hold a Singapore passport or is a citizen of Singapore, regardless of whether they hold dual nationality. Singapore Citizens can only submit an application to attend Dulwich College (Singapore) if one or more of the following criteria is valid: 

• The child has a sibling attending the College at the intended time of enrolment 

• The child is moving from another Dulwich College 

• One of the child’s parents is an OA (Old Alleynian) or IOA (International Old Alleynian) 

• The child is moving from overseas and is above P1 age 

• The child is above P1 age and is already in possession of an MOE exemption if transferring from another school in Singapore Once the College has agreed to offer the child a place, the College will apply to the Ministry of Education for an exemption. 

Please note that Singapore Citizens can only attend the College once the Ministry of Education has granted the exemption. For those students who are already enrolled in the College and are above P1 age, no exemption will be required should they become a Singapore Citizen after.

We enrol students who are likely to thrive in the College’s academic programme. Admissions are selective and the decision is based on official school transcripts, records, testing and other evaluative procedures. We will explain all procedures to the parents of prospective students ahead of time.

We do not offer an additional curriculum to those with special learning needs. However, our team of learning support and EAL specialists may be able to provide support to students who find aspects of the curriculum challenging. Please refer to our language support policy and learning support policy for further information.